Yahveh Illustration

This design illustrates the 4 Hebrew letters that comprise the personal Name of YHVH -"Yahveh" or "Yahweh", The LORD of Israel.  His Name is praised and appears over 6,800 times throughout the Scriptures that we refer to as the "Old Testament" (the Jewish "Tanak" ~ Torah, Prophets, and Writings).  In most English Bibles ~ "The Lord" ~ is the familiar and accepted transliteration. Though a term of honor and a familiar declaration of authority, it obscures the Glory of His Personal and Eternal Name.
The YHVH print is lovingly offered to be copied & printed to Glorify His Name! It may not be used in any manner for resale, and is protected under © of authorship 2009.  Also, please be aware that The Name of The Father is Sacred, and it should not be printed and discarded. Please link to my site if you use the image, so that it the educational materials can go forward. Let any who choose to use it with selfish intention or ill will know they will have to give account to Yahveh. Be blessed to be respectful & honoring.
A printable, full page, hi res, version of this artwork, portraying The Name of The Lord - YHVH, can be copied & printed (use photo paper for best results).

You may go directly to the high res YHVH print.   Please note that this page loads slowly because it is printable image.  I also now offer this Yahveh illustration in a postcard format (printed front and back).  You may follow this link to...  Yahveh postcard.

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Psalms 145:13 "Let them praise the Name of YHVH, for His Name alone is exalted; His majesty is above earth and heaven."