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The 2 articles below, are available for printing from your computer.  Just click on image to go to my website for ordering, and scroll down beyond the Hebraic Art cards.  After purchase I will send a link for downloading the document(s).  

I highly recommend the Patriarch Lineage Table, as I consider the Biblical age details in Genesis to be a National Treasury, as are the numbers listed for the First Census of Israel! 

 Patriarch Lineage TableMost lineage charts assume an inconsequential value to the Patriarch age details in the Book of Genesis. This Unique Table format shows Adam's genealogy thru Joseph (spanning 2309 yrs), and provides a clear, organized format to study the hidden framework revealed by the inferred "place holding values" (chronicled by births, deaths, & key events in Genesis).  Numerical analysis of Scripture continues to reveal substructures in the text.  Are we perhaps overlooking a unique "master blueprint" pertaining to creation & the sciences?  Careful examination points to calendrical cycles & numerical codings. Consider Sarah (the only Matriarch lineage), a lunation timepiece? Abraham, born in the Hebrew year 1948, foreshadowing 1948 AD when Israel became a State.  Are the End Time "days of Noah" coded to his lineage record? Included: 3 Table formats, brief discussion of relevancy, plus 1874 Bible chart. 11pgs.  

 Geometry of The Tribes of Israel
The 1st Census of the 12 Tribes of Israel (Num 1:20-47), encodes a remarkable dataset when converted into a geometric format!  The angular properties demonstrate a congruence w/ the 3-dimensional form of the dodecahedron. This blueprint reveals a world where math & religion do not assume separate positions. The interpretation & consequence of the Tribes of Israel Geometry, deserves careful analysis.  It is intended to inspire a serious examination of all complex number sets situated in the Text of the Torah.  In addition to terrestrial & astrophysical mapping potential, implications of a molecular correspondence are also inherent. Illustrated charts give a detailed overview of an untapped geometrical “map”.  11 pgs.


Introducing 2 new 4.5" x 6" note card designs, available at karenjacks.com!  

The first card features the Magen David - Star of Israel, combined with the emblematic Shoshan "lily" (aka "flower of life"), and the circle of the Hebrew Alephbet (also spelled as Alefbet).  The second card is another design reminding to "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem".  The verse is written in beautiful Hebrew letters above.   To see the complete text on all cards and place an order, please click on the designs and a new window will open. 

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new!...     "By hand written, hope filled words" - Large format (5' x 7") greeting card

This card is an artful approach to my favorite theme - the right hand.  On the right side it features a portion of hand scribed sermon notes (found in a wonderful old notebook at an Antique store), and upon the hand itself is an excerpt from the Torah (in Hebrew) detailing the Tribes of Israel.  



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Hebraic Art Cards by Karen Jacks

Announcing the design of 4 Hebraic Art Cards. They are intended to be inspirational, educational (to celebrate & call on the Hebrew pronunciations) and joyfilled. May they Bless the sender & receiver! They are high quality, large format cards (5" x 7") and fit nicely in a frame.
Bless The Name of Father God ~ Yahweh, Jesus the Messiah ~ Y'shua Ha Mashiyach, Holy Spirit ~ Ruach Ha Kodesh, & Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.
Please visit my website karenjacks.com Hebraic Art Cards to place an order.

In October 2011, I was blessed to travel to Jerusalem for 2 weeks during Sukkoth (Feast of Tabernacles)!!! It was such a wonderful experience. I now have living, vibrant impressions of Israel deep in my heart!

View from the Jewish Quarters looking to the Western Wall during Sukkoth 2011.

Very old olive trees - Mt. Olivet, outside Church of All Nations.

Colorful, crowded market street in Jewish Quarters.


Yahveh Illustration

This design illustrates the 4 Hebrew letters that comprise the personal Name of YHVH -"Yahveh" or "Yahweh", The LORD of Israel.  His Name is praised and appears over 6,800 times throughout the Scriptures that we refer to as the "Old Testament" (the Jewish "Tanak" ~ Torah, Prophets, and Writings).  In most English Bibles ~ "The Lord" ~ is the familiar and accepted transliteration. Though a term of honor and a familiar declaration of authority, it obscures the Glory of His Personal and Eternal Name.
The YHVH print is lovingly offered to be copied & printed to Glorify His Name! It may not be used in any manner for resale, and is protected under © of authorship 2009.  Also, please be aware that The Name of The Father is Sacred, and it should not be printed and discarded. Please link to my site if you use the image, so that it the educational materials can go forward. Let any who choose to use it with selfish intention or ill will know they will have to give account to Yahveh. Be blessed to be respectful & honoring.
A printable, full page, hi res, version of this artwork, portraying The Name of The Lord - YHVH, can be copied & printed (use photo paper for best results).

You may go directly to the high res YHVH print.   Please note that this page loads slowly because it is printable image.  I also now offer this Yahveh illustration in a postcard format (printed front and back).  You may follow this link to...  Yahveh postcard.

Sacred Hand Publishing is the web site of Karen Jacks ~ Designer, Illustrator, & Writer. Presenting materials which explore the visual and mathematical beauty of the Sacred Geometry found in the Old Testament.

Psalms 145:13 "Let them praise the Name of YHVH, for His Name alone is exalted; His majesty is above earth and heaven."

Yeshua Hand card

The Hebraic form of the Name of Jesus is ~ "Yeshua" ~ literally meaning ~ "will save".  The 4 Hebrew letters of His Name are on our hand!

During the Babylonian exile of the Jewish people (circa 586 BC) the Hebrew Aleph Bet under went a change from pictographic symbols (Paleo Hebrew) to the now familiar letterform written in Torah scrolls.  How amazing that the development of these letters are mirrored in our right hand!!!  Hebrew is read from right to left, so holding the right hand up and out, it reads to the observer & (and to our Father) starting with the thumb... "yod, shin, vav, ayin".  It is literally a small stacking "hand glyph" for Yeshua's Name.  I see a 3-fold beauty in the presence of His Name on our hand...

1) Salutation and Praise
2) Request for Help of The Savior
3) Healing touch, in His Name

I have developed this small portable, postcard format, as an excellent ministry tool to honor Yeshua Jesus and proclaim His Name!  It is available at Sacred Hand Publishing.

"I am ever mindful of Yahweh's Presence; He is at my right hand; I shall never be shaken.  So my heart rejoices, my whole being exults, and my body rests secure."  Psalm 16:8

Assemblage Art

The works below are a small sampling of a 3-dimensional art form called "Assemblages" ("the fitting together of parts and pieces"). For many years this was the main focus of my design business and I have sold over 250 of these as of 2009. At 2 junctures in my "career" I thought I was concluding with this art format and actually liquidated my studio in order to reduce the ballast of materials that are needed to pursue this type of work. Low & behold, I keep returning to this process & end up recollecting items for this purpose! Though I always realized that my inclination towards this 3-d format stemmed from a love of antiques, recycling, and quirkiness, I have recently come to understand that it has a deeper spiritual significance. It is a fitting metaphor for retrieving and reconfiguring the beauty in what has been cast off and "broken". As many unrelated items come together to tell a larger story, it is clearly an example of "synergy", that "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts". I believe our Father Yahveh sees us in this process.

The Assemblage piece above depicts an old famous guy ... Archimedes (Mathematician & Inventor). His discovery of the relationship between the surface and volume of a sphere, & it's circumscribing cylinder (i.e. the pi connection) led to his invention of the water screw (a mechanical device for moving water uphill). It is uncertain whether he made or understood the type of functional screws we use today, but it is surely a "spin off".

Time Labyrinth

Inclanation of Time

Gallery show - "Storied compositions"

"Ad Astra Astronomers" is constructed of old Erector set pieces, collected & created objects, including the wood cutouts of my favorite astronomers: Copernicus, Kepler, and Newton.

"Storied Compositions" opened at Art Affair Gallery (Jul-Sept, 2007) and coincided with the unveiling of the commemorative Assemblage works I created for Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas.


Baker University Assemblage Project

Announcement for the Baker University 150th Year Anniversary Project.
(Click on picture to read on it's own page)

Main Assemblage

This commemerative Assemblage is permentantly installed in the Collins Library, lower level, and open to the public to view. (Size: 4 ft. h. x 8 ft. w. x 12 in. d.)

The 4 smaller works

Newspaper article



Over the past several years I have been enjoying the transition from 3-d constructions, into collaged Photoshop Illustration. This return to my roots in Commercial Illustration, and has opened a fabulous world of imagery and intent. It is easy to see how much my Assemblage work influences my Graphic designs. I also spend a great deal of time "picturizing" the Biblical Geometry principles that I have been researching for years, some of which can be seen on my websites sacredhandpublishing.com and karenjacks.com


Ad Astra doors


My favorite son!

"rem•i•nisce - verb [intrans.] - to indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events."

I passed by this sketch, (in a long neglected journal many pages back), when making a visual note to myself for a future assemblage layout. When he was young I often tried to capture that angelic look while he slept. He's handsome, smart, kind and almost 21. He will always be my favorite only child! :)

Owl pic of the year

This is my personal thrill pic. I had returning Barred owls (ha) to the creek line next to my tiny patio early this summer, and was able to walk out and snap shots of these 2 from only about 12 ft away. Absolutely a surreal experience for me (having only seen live owls in the wild for the first time in my life last year)! The squirrel and owl stayed where they were so long that even after I came into the house, uploaded the photos and thought they looked a little blurry, I was able to go BACK outside and capture this! I called them nonchalant friends, both totally unconcerned with each others proximity (the owl was there first and the squirrel determined that it was safe to gnaw on the branch it was intent on stripping bark from). In a way they perfectly personify "composure & goofiness"!