Hebraic Art Cards by Karen Jacks

Announcing the design of 4 Hebraic Art Cards. They are intended to be inspirational, educational (to celebrate & call on the Hebrew pronunciations) and joyfilled. May they Bless the sender & receiver! They are high quality, large format cards (5" x 7") and fit nicely in a frame.
Bless The Name of Father God ~ Yahweh, Jesus the Messiah ~ Y'shua Ha Mashiyach, Holy Spirit ~ Ruach Ha Kodesh, & Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.
Please visit my website karenjacks.com Hebraic Art Cards to place an order.

In October 2011, I was blessed to travel to Jerusalem for 2 weeks during Sukkoth (Feast of Tabernacles)!!! It was such a wonderful experience. I now have living, vibrant impressions of Israel deep in my heart!

View from the Jewish Quarters looking to the Western Wall during Sukkoth 2011.

Very old olive trees - Mt. Olivet, outside Church of All Nations.

Colorful, crowded market street in Jewish Quarters.