Yeshua Hand card

The Hebraic form of the Name of Jesus is ~ "Yeshua" ~ literally meaning ~ "will save".  The 4 Hebrew letters of His Name are on our hand!

During the Babylonian exile of the Jewish people (circa 586 BC) the Hebrew Aleph Bet under went a change from pictographic symbols (Paleo Hebrew) to the now familiar letterform written in Torah scrolls.  How amazing that the development of these letters are mirrored in our right hand!!!  Hebrew is read from right to left, so holding the right hand up and out, it reads to the observer & (and to our Father) starting with the thumb... "yod, shin, vav, ayin".  It is literally a small stacking "hand glyph" for Yeshua's Name.  I see a 3-fold beauty in the presence of His Name on our hand...

1) Salutation and Praise
2) Request for Help of The Savior
3) Healing touch, in His Name

I have developed this small portable, postcard format, as an excellent ministry tool to honor Yeshua Jesus and proclaim His Name!  It is available at Sacred Hand Publishing.

"I am ever mindful of Yahweh's Presence; He is at my right hand; I shall never be shaken.  So my heart rejoices, my whole being exults, and my body rests secure."  Psalm 16:8