Owl pic of the year

This is my personal thrill pic. I had returning Barred owls (ha) to the creek line next to my tiny patio early this summer, and was able to walk out and snap shots of these 2 from only about 12 ft away. Absolutely a surreal experience for me (having only seen live owls in the wild for the first time in my life last year)! The squirrel and owl stayed where they were so long that even after I came into the house, uploaded the photos and thought they looked a little blurry, I was able to go BACK outside and capture this! I called them nonchalant friends, both totally unconcerned with each others proximity (the owl was there first and the squirrel determined that it was safe to gnaw on the branch it was intent on stripping bark from). In a way they perfectly personify "composure & goofiness"!